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We Need YOU!

Will You Help Support Jim Mooney's Campaign for Brazoria County Judge?

Jim is dedicated to serving the good people of Brazoria County - the county he's called home since 1962.  Support Jim's efforts to make Brazoria County a safer and healthier place to live and work. 

This campaign relies on small dollar donations from people like you.  Would you consider supporting Jim's campaign?

*If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately. 

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Jim Mooney

Jim Mooney believes that the only way to lead Brazoria County forward is to proactively address the very real challenges we face.  Jim is ready to tackle our biggest challenges, including:

  • A lasting supply of clean drinking water
  • Better health care
  • Access to good paying jobs
  • Access to voting
  • Fair pay for county employees
  • Crime prevention
  • Public Mental and Behavioral Services

Jim Mooney believes that our challenges are handled best when we listen and learn from each other - understanding that this is how trust is built, and that trust allows us to do what none of us could do on our own.